Anticipate and mitigate future risks and take advantage of opportunities to capture revenue potential with CPG purpose-built Dynamic

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to transform demand anticipation and forecasting for CPG companies. Sound intimidating? It shouldn’t. Because it’s not a question of AI versus human intelligence. Think of it as human intelligence to the power of AI.

In this white paper, we examine:

  • What CPG companies are facing today
  • Agility of demand anticipation
  • The impact on demand planners
  • How to improve traditional demand forecasting and planning
  • AI on top of planning systems
  • The Samya 10X Advantage

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    Discover CPG insights, trends and challenges

    A New Intelligence Paradigm
    for CPG

    In this interview, Deepinder, Founder and COO/CPO of, discusses the role of AI in the CPG enterprise, unlocking revenue growth at the intersection of demand and supply operations, and interconnected, aware intelligence.

    Agility & Demand Anticipation
    in CPG

    "Agility comes with focus and anticipation." In this interview, Pavan Palety, Founder and CCO of, discusses agility as a key to CPG revenue growth, recent customer successes and the Samya 10X Advantage.

    Recapturing Revenue Growth Potential for CPG

    In this interview, Shailendra Singh, Founder and CEO of, discusses the motivation behind the company, CPG trends and challenges, and how we need to re-define demand-supply interactions to recapture revenue growth opportunities.

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