AI for Demand Forecasting and Planning – From “Is it really AI?” to “What makes it AI?”

Author: Deepinder S Dhingra, Founder, COO/CPO Date: 1st October 2020 Contributors: Rajat Srivastav, Director – Product Management, Rohit Kumar, Director – Product Solutions, Ankur Verma – Senior Data Scientist, Yadunath Gupta – Senior Data Scientist, Siddharth Shahi- Data Scientist​ Appreciating the complexity and nuance in the Demand Planning and Forecasting process This question, “Is it […]

Paradox of Planning: Moving from the focus on “Performance-in-the-past” to “Performance-in-the-future”

Author: Deepinder S Dhingra, Founder, COO/CPO Date: 3 September 2020 It is quite a paradox that whilst planning is a future thinking and forward-looking exercise the performance of planning is always measured in terms of past and YTD performance. As an example, Demand Planning teams spend a lot of time in analyzing their forecast performance […]

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