CPG Companies Are Losing, on Average,
2-2.5% of Potential Revenue Growth
Due to Poor Demand Anticipation


~ 50%

Average weekly demand
forecasting errors
for item location


~ 17%

Increase in
demand volatility


~ 30%

Volume is under
extreme error

Over 100 Demand Planners Told Us That Generic Planning Tools Are Failing in
Today’s Volatile Trade and Consumer Markets


Inability to isolate and account for the
impact of both internal and external factors


Inconsistency in reconciling multi-level
and multi-horizon plans


Slow response time and low agility
Not accommodating rapidly evolving
demand patterns


Poor new product forecasting


Inability to anticipate and proactively
respond to future exceptions


Weak forecasting accuracy at the
granular level


Heavy human bias in planning
and ineffective collaboration


Too much manual effort in managing
the long tail

Dynamic Demand.ai

Accuracy, Agility, and Anticipation in One Central View

Samya’s new paradigm of probablistic artificial intelligence, purpose built for CPG is Revenue Growth.ai, which is made up of four components that each address the specific needs of each unique user group.

Dynamic Demand.ai is the central component operating at the intersection of sales & distribution, pricing & promotions, and inventory. Dynamic Demand.ai goes beyond forecasting accuracy to give demand planners true AGILITY to proactively handle the 1000s of emerging potential shocks to the plan/forecast and ANTICIPATE future risks and opportunities with high frequency.

Built for Any Data, at Scale

High-Quality Forecasts and Predictions Served at Hyperspeed

Dynamic Demand.ai is the next-generation AI solution built specifically to assist CPG demand planners to collaborate better and faster across different levels of data availability.

Anticipate & Predict

Early warning on future demand risks and opportunities

Agile dynamic demand anticipation

Identify and remove human bias


Quantify & Attribute

Demand risk & opportunity quantification and prioritization at the most granular levels

Demand drivers (internal & external) attribution and contribution


Recommend & Collaborate

AI-guided prescriptive forecast adjustment recommendations

Analyze trends in one place; prediction intervals, top impact factors, recommended value, etc.


Automate & Integrate

Automate and scale long-tail forecast adjustment decisions with a highly configurable and parameterized workflow

Export files or integrate via APIs for minimal impact to workflows and systems

True SaaS Deployment
and Support

Minimizes Disruption to Existing Systems & Workflows

Operates on Top of Your Systems in the Cloud

Case Study

Learn How This $15B Personal Care Company Recaptured Revenue Growth

Dynamic Demand.ai improved forecast accuracy by 10.5% which led to a significant boost in revenue growth as well as working capital savings.

White Paper

Get the Latest Thinking from CPG Experts

Blending Human Insight and AI for Superior Agile Demand Anticipation and Forecasting

Anticipate and mitigate future risks and take advantage of opportunities to recapture revenue potential with CPG purpose-built Dynamic Demand.ai.

Product Sheet

Reimagine CPG Agile Predictive Demand Planning

Develop an AI-centric approach to demand management.
Get the Samya Dynamic Demand.ai product sheet.

It's time to redefine the norm

We’re currently partnering with select Fortune 1000 CPG customers.

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