Revenue Growth AI

CPG companies lose revenue
opportunity of >$150B globally.

It's extremely complex.

Globally distributed and networked operations with proliferation of products, price-packs brands, channels, suppliers, customer segments, etc.

And highly volatile.

The sheer scale of fluctuation across pricing, promotions, production, inventory, macro-economics, competition activity, etc is like a raging storm at the center of the problem.

Current solutions are ineffective.

Static and linear process-based deterministic approaches cannot solve for the complexity and volatility of today's CPG business.

*Sources: https://www.bcg.com/en-in/publications/2018/unlocking-growth-cpg-ai-advanced-analytics.aspx

Tons of data is generated
but remains under-leveraged.

Our solution lies at the intersection which is the source of revenue leakage.

Sales and Distribution

Anticipate sales risks & opportunities

Harmonize sales activities with supply & demand signals

Plug sales leakage & improve sales growth

Pricing and Promotions

Anticipate tactical promotion risks & opportunities

Harmonize promotion activities with supply & demand signals

Improve promotion ROI and margins


Anticipate inventory risks & opportunities

Harmonize inventory availability with demand signals

Reduce lost sales

Purpose-built AI delivers
10X improvement of over traditional approaches.

Deep Learning

We model both direct and indirect interconnections to enable deep predictive learning. Static rules and linear relationships was last decade.

Probabilistic Approach

We take a leap beyond simple deterministic approaches and account for variability with a probabilistic view of possible inputs and outputs.

Reinforcement Learning

We provide actionable recommendations, not just insights. Based on the uptake we learn intelligently to continuously optimize .

Incorporate external signals simultaneously.

Continous impact

The real-world impact of weather, macro-economics, demographics, consumer trends, news and social media brings in insightful understanding of cause and effect.

Dynamic change is the order of the day.

Anticipate and address risks & opportunities.

Reduce planning and execution blindspots.

Increase agility and responsiveness.

Maximize growth opportunities.

Time to redefine the norm.

We are currently partnering with select Fortune 1000 CPG customers.

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