The latest thinking about CPG trends, innovations and challenges.

Blending Human Insight & AI for Superior Agile Demand Anticipation & Forecasting

Explore how AI can help anticipate blind spots and surprises, identify future risks and opportunities, and enable proactive responses for CPG.

Case Study: 15.6% Improvement On Five-Month Rolling Forecast for Personal Care Products Company

With annual revenue of $15 billion, this global personal care company is a household name with many successful brands in its portfolio.

Anticipate Demand Risks and Opportunities and Recapture Revenue Growth

Purpose-built CPG Dynamic alerts you to risks and identifies opportunities in time for you to take action.

SamyaLive: Dynamic Equilibrium in Demand-Supply Networks in the CPG Industry

Read the executive panel report on how leaders should act and steer their organizations through one of the most challenging times in the CPG industry.

demand forecasting
SamyaLive: Demand Forecasting: Accuracy vs Agility

Read the executive panel report on how leaders can find an equilibrium between accuracy and agility to meet demand shifts in today's volatile CPG environment.

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